Using Putty to connect to a CISCO device.

If you happen to move to vista or windows 7 like me, you have realized that hyper-terminal is no longer available. Although you could still make hyper-terminal work in windows 7 by copying the executable along with a dll file, I find that is much easier and convenient to use Putty. Putty offers many ways to connect to remote device like SSH, Telnet, and Serial. Here I describe how simple it is to connect to a device like a CISCO Router or switch using Putty.

1- First start by downloading putty from here

2- Second find on the device manager what is your serial connection: COM1 or 2 etc.

3- Next fire up putty, and select the serial radio button, the Serial Line, and Speed boxes will be populated for you. However, make sure that speed is 9600. And save the connection (give it a name) and save it

4- And last press open to start your connection.

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