The Forgotten Password Disk in Vista.

Windows Vista contains a handy hint mechanism for helping you recall you password if you’ve forgotten it. But what about if you’ve completely forgotten both your password and the interpretation of the hint. In that situation your work and email will be locked inside your computer (Well, ok, probably your administrator could recover it for you or reset your password). Fortunately, Windows Vista still offers a solution to this problem. Note that this only work before you actually forget your password; in other words, you have to make the disk while you still have access to your computer. In this case Vista will be saving your password to a usb disk or cd that you will insert in case you forget your password. Should I mention that you should put this key in a save place! Although the key is not stored in clear text inside your cd or usb key, it can be read by someone with some serious know-how.
To create this disk:
1- Insert a bland cd or usb key then open the start menu and click on your picture(top right).


2- The “Make Changes to your account” opens up. Click “Create a password reset disk.”


3- Click next on the “Password Reset Disk” wizard and select the desired drive.


4- Click next, type in your password and finally click next.


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