Tech Review: Mixcder Bluetooth Headphone Review

For the last couple of month, It’s been kind of hard to watch TV or work from my home office. The noise seemed to distract me from my work and leisure time. It was then, I decided to buy some headphones. I went online to the usual places looking for headphones. I wanted headphones of good quality, and not too expensive. Finally, I found some headphones (beyutions) in  with thousands of reviews. And the best part, it only cost 20$ dollars. So I jumped at the opportunity right away. However, those headphone only lasted me for 2 weeks. They broke off at the junction where the fold. Then I went back online. This time I was willing to spend a little more, and get something of better quality. This time, I did a better research, and decided to buy a bluetooth Mixcder headphones for 36$ dollars. After, using these headphones for about two months, I’m very impress with the sound quality, the look, and how sturdy they are. They are lightweight and very stylish. Needless to say I’m happy I got these headphones, and I really recommended. So here’s my review…

price: 36.99 $
Microphone Unit: 4*1.5mm
Speaker diameter: Φ40mm
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Bluetooth version :BT1210H 4.1+EDR
Bluetooth distance: more than 10m
Support profile: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Pairing name: Mixcder ShareMe 7
Battery type: Build in 500mah rechargeable lithium battery
Running time: About18 hours talking /About20 hours music playing
Earpads size: 3.77*3.03 in

1- Great sound quality (powerful bass)
2- ShareMe technology: Allows you to connect your headphones to a Bluetooth capable device and share the music with family and friends by connecting their headphones to yours. (both headphone need to support shareMe technology.
3- Twenty hours battery life: These headphones last at least three days without charging. I charged them over night, and I don’t have to charge them again for 3 days. I used them most of the day. At least for 6 or 7 hours.
4- Intelligent2link technology which allows you to connect and switch between to enable Bluetooth devices.
5- Durable Material. The material is high quality.  It feels very comfortable around the ears.
4- Foldable
7- Receive phone calls.
8- 30 days warranty

1- None so far!..

In conclusion, if you decide to get a Bluetooth headphones, go for Mixcder ShareMe technology. They’re an excellent choice, and it will not break your bank. They only cost about 30$ dollars, and the quality of these headphones is unbelievable. When you compare sound quality of these headphones with some of the high end headphones, you’ll realize that for the price is well worth it. High end headphone can cost up to 200 and 300 dollars.

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