Symantec Ghost and 3Com Boot Services.

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In this tutorial, I show how to use 3com Boot Services with Symantec Ghost, because the computers boot from the network, you do not have to visit the client computer. That is the client computer download and run the same files that would be run at the client computer when you start the computer from a Ghost Network Boot Disk. When the Ghost Multicast session is complete, the 3Com PBoot.exe utility restart the computers from the hard drive. The preparation requires creating and editing the files necessary for performing the clone:

1-Install Ghost and 3Com Boot Services

2-Create a disk or partition image

3-Create and edit a Ghost boot partition image

4-Create a menu file that has the Ghost boot partition image

5-Add an entry for each client computer to the BootPTab editor

for this tutorial I assume that the 2 first steps have been completed.
at the time of this tutorial 3Com Corporation has discontinued support for the 3Com Boot Services.
click here to view the tutorial

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6 thoughts on “Symantec Ghost and 3Com Boot Services.

  1. Jay

    I just wanted to thank you for this post. This is something I have been trying to figure out for a year. We had been using boot disks up until now. Thank you very much!

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks. I know what a pain is to go to every single comptuer when you’re imaging more than 10 comptuers

  3. Anonymous

    Great info, but nobody can seem to find 3Com Boot Services to download, so I have been hours trying to configure what should take a short period of time. Any idea where to find it?

  4. Sharyn

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  5. miatech Post author

    I think you probably have to register with them to get access to their software. I did this tutorial a long time ago. So things might have change since then.

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