How to Prepare an Image for the Web with Gimp

gimp-loadingI happen to take quite a few pictures with my camera. And as you can imagine cameras today come with pretty decent resolution. But that seems to be kind of a problems. Especially, when using them on the web. One of the requirements of an image on the web, is that it needs to be small in size. In this brief tutorial, I go over how to scale down an image using Gimp.
1 – Open your image in gimp. Just right click on the image and click open with Gimp.
2 – Once the image is open. Click Image->Scale Image.
3 – Next is a matter of playing around with the numbers. I usually reduce the image in both in size and resolution and select Cubic. “gimpWeb2
4 – Finally, click File -> Export As. And make sure you save the file with extension “png”

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