Making Background Transparent in a Picture With Gimp

gimp-logoThis is my first post on Gimp, and I will go over the simple process of creating a transparent background out of a picture. I recently started getting more into Gimp. After finding myself using the application sporadically, I realize that I would have to start searching on line to find how to do things that I’ve already done before with Gimp. And since I’m using Gimp more frequent now, I decided to dive into it a bit more deeply. So for this post I’m going to cover how to create a transparent image from a picture. Transparent image are created with the “png” extension. So remember that when exporting the image once you’re done editing. Let me say that there are many ways of getting this done. This is not the only one; however, I have found that is one of the easiest, and it gives you more control over the portion of the image you’re selecting.

1- open the picture
2- click on layer and click “add alpha channel”
3- select the “selection” tool

4- zoom in to the image for better selection and click around the image
5- right click on the image and go to “select” and select “from path”
6- right click on image and go to “select” and click “invert”
7- now hit the “delete” key on your keyboard and you’ll see the background disapear
8- click file and export the image as a png file

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