Making a GIF Image From a Clip With Avidemux and Gimp

Have you ever taking a video that you would like to convert into a picture? Well, that’s where gif images comes in. In this post I’ll go into the steps on how to make a gif image out of a short clip. I made mine using an mp4 format, but I’m sure avidemux works with other formats too. This method uses Avidemux and Gimp. Both apps are freely available for Windows and Linux.

1- Open Avidemux, and click File, Open and select your video
2- Once your clip is open, select the start point by selecting the A as the starting frame and B as the ending frame.

selecting start and end frame in Avidemux
selecting start and end frame in Avidemux

3- Once you have selected the clip, click File->Save->Save Selection as Jpeg Images.
4- Next, Open Gimp, and click File->Open as Layers, and make sure you select all images (click the first image, hold the Shift key down and click the last image).
5- Click File->Export->change to “gif”
6- And last, make sure that you select “As Animation” in the “Export to GIF” dialog box dialog box from gimp

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