Installing and Configuring Remote Access in Windows Server 2012

windows-Server-2012In this tutorial, I’m going to cover a quick overview of installing and configuring Remote Access in Windows Server 2012 R2. As well as creating a VPN connection from a client computer. Remote Access through VPN connection, is the method that employees working from remote location use to connect to the workplace, and access their working files and documents. In order to allow remote workers to access the internal network, Remote Access needs to be setup in Windows Server 2012. Which allows clients to be authenticated, and permitted to access resources in the network that otherwise would be impossible to access from the outside. So in order to install RAS or Remote Access Service, head over to the Server Manager.
1- Open Server Manager, and Click “Manage”, and “Add Roles and Features”
2- The “Add Roles” wizards open, click next in the first two screen until you arrive at “Select Destination Server” there select the server you wish to add the Remote Access Role, and click next.
3- Next Select “Remote Access” and when prompted click Add Features, click next
4- Then, select “Direct Access and VPN”and “Routing”. click next.

Once the Wizard finishes with the installation, then we need to configure “Remote Acccess”
1- Head over to “Server Manager” and click “Tools”
2- Under “Tools” select “Remote Access” and the “Remote Access” console will open.
3- Right click on the Server, and choose “Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access”
4- Select “Custom Configuration” click next
5- Select VPN, Dial Up, and click next, and then finish, and click start service.
6- By now you should have a green arrow in your RAS server indicating that it is up and running. So right click on the server and select properties.
7- Head over to “Security” tab and make sure “Windows Authentication” and “Windows Accounting” is selected.
8- Next go to “IPv4” tab and click “Static Address Pool” and click “Add” to add a range of IP’s you will be handing out to VPN clients.
9- Enter your IPs range, and click ok, and ok to close the Server properties window.

One Final note before configuring VPN clients and establish connections. When using “Windows Authentication” users have to be given access rights in their “Dial In” tab in the users’ account in Active Directory.

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