How to Make Your Voice Sound Better in Audacity

audacityI recently started doing narrated tutorials for the first time, after a long time writing tutorials. But the microphone that I used to record the voice was not of high quality, and I was kind of dissatisfied with how the voice recording sounded. So I started searching around for a good tutorial on how I could improve the quality of my recordings, and I came across an amazing tutorial in Youtube, that improved the sound of my voice recording incredibly, and I made my recording with the microphone of my webcam, after I finished improving the sound with Audacity the end result was incredible. I’m posting a link to the video.

The steps to make your voice sound better.
1- Noise Removal – Get Noise Profile & remove noise
2- Normalize | -1 Decibel
3- Compression | Threshhold -15 to -20
4- Equalize – Bass Boost and Treble Boost
5- Normalize | -1 Decibel
6- Hard Limit | -4 Decibel
7- Normalize | -1 Decibel
8- Export to 16bit wave format (Export)

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