How to Transfer Data from Android To iPhone 8

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In the modern world, digital data is very precious. Not just for work or official purposes, even personal data on your smartphone is very valuable. Pictures, music, videos, documents and contacts are things that you just can’t afford to lose so easily. This is why people usually depend on software like MobileTrans to keep their data backed up just to be safe. With this software, you can even transfer all your data from one phone to another.

Generally, transferring data between phones is the easiest if both phones run on the same operating system. But what if you need to transfer data between phones having different OS? What if you wish to transfer data from an Android device to an iOS device? Thankfully, with MobileTrans, even that is possible. If you have bought a new iPhone 8, you can easily get all your stuff from the previous Android device you were using. You simply need to follow a few steps.

Before you learn how to transfer data, you need to know exactly what you must have beforehand. Of course, you would need the two devices you are transferring data between. Also, you need to download and install MobileTrans software on your PC. You will inevitable be required to connect your devices to your PC for data transfer.

Method 1: Direct Phone-to-Phone Transfer

This is perhaps the simplest and most reliable method for moving all your data at once. Through MobileTrans, you can easily transfer data between different devices with just a simple click. Not only Android and iOS, this software even supports Win Phone and Symbian. Here are the steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone 8:

Step 1: Open MobileTrans

To start with everything, you need to run MobileTrans app installed on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your devices to the PC

After opening the app on your PC, you should click on ‘Phone to Phone Transfer’. Thereafter, you need to get both your devices connected. In your case, it has to be an Android and iOS.

Step 3: Select the source and destination devices

After you click on ‘Phone to Phone Transfer’, you will be shown the source and destination devices. Data gets transferred from the source to the destination devices. If your source and destination devices are not what you want exactly, you can simple click on the ‘Flip’ button for exchanging the positions. In this case, the Android smartphone is your source device and iPhone 8 is the destination devices.

Step 4: Select the files and start transferring

Next, you need to choose the files you wish to transfer. Of course, you can choose to transfer all your files. After you are done with that, you can click on ‘Start Transfer’. The data transfer will start from thereon. Remember, you should never disconnect any of the devices before the transfer is complete. If you want to clear the data on your iPhone 8 before beginning the transfer, you can check the ‘Clear Data Before Copy’ box before starting the transfer.

Method 2: Through Backup and Restore

This method involves individually backing up data from your Android and then restoring it on your iPhone 8.

Step 1: Run the app

Open MobileTrans and get your Android connected to your PC. Then, click on ‘Back Up Your Phone’ in the main window. The program then detects your device.

Step 2: Select files and start backup

Next, you need to select the files you need to backup. Once you are done, click on ‘Start Transfer. Wait until the data backup is complete.

Step 3: Restore your backup

Next, you need to select ‘Restore from Backups’” and choose ‘MobileTrans’. You should connect your iPhone 8 before that. There, you will see the files you have backed up. Choose the files you wish to restore and select ‘Start Transfer’. That’s it, your data should be restored within a few moments.

So, as you can see, transferring data from your Android to iPhone 8 is not at all a hassle, thanks to MobileTrans. Both the methods of transferring data are pretty simple and easy to follow. Choose whichever method suits you the best!

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