How to Reduce Data Usage in Android

Android phone is a great device. It allows us to listen to music, watch videos, browse the web, navigation, and many other things. But there is one thing that users struggle with when using data intensive apps, and that is data consumption. Most carriers use data limit caps. When you reached this limit your bandwidth is reduced; therefore, you’ll start experimenting slow connections. In this tutorial we are going to go over ways we can reduce data usage, and to limit those apps that consume the most data.

Place data usage warning
Before anything, we need to identify the apps that consume the most data.
First go to Settings app and tap on data usage.
Second tap on the name of your carrier this is pretty standard for all carriers.
Third there are two sections in this page, the top part is the overall data consumption for the billing cycle or the month. The bottom half is a breakdown of data consumption by each individual application in descending order.

Here we have two very important pieces of information the first one, shown in the graph, is the overall data consumption for the billing cycle. One of the things that we can do to keep an eye on data consumption is to use the warning slider on the data graph and place the warning at a specific point.
the second, shown at the bottom, are the top applications responsible for consuming the most data, in decreasing order.

Limit Data Usage by App
Also, we can limit data consumption by individual apps. However, this data consumption it’s only for background data usage. There are some apps that will not allow you to place a limit on background data usage, for example, Android OS services.
To limit background data
Open the settings app – data usage – tap on carrier – tap on the specific app that you want to limit background data usage. Then turn on restrict background data usage.

Use Offline Apps.
Use Apps that support Offline Data. Download data over a Wi-Fi connection and use offline data within each individual app. There are a number of apps that allows you to use offline data. For example, Google Maps has a feature to download maps and then use them offline. So you can download this map when you have a wireless connection at home, and then take those maps with you and use them on the road. GPS connection does not need an internet connection in order to work. Check out this video to learn how to access Google Maps offline.

Compress data in Chrome
Google Chrome has a Feature to compress data. This way data is compressed by Google servers and sent over to your phone in a compressed format. This will not work if your browser is in Incognito mode.
How to enable data compression in Chrome.
First open Chrome – tap on settings – tap on data saver – turn on compression.

Disable automatic updates in Android
Disclaimer this method should be use at your own discretion. Keep in mind that many Google services running in your phone depend on automatic updates. That being said automatic updates when turn on run in the background sending and receiving data from Google. You could perform your own manual update over a wifi connection.
To turn off auto updates, check out this post.
Here is how you can turn off automatic updates in Android

Disable automatic backup
Blackup in Android is another service that constantly runs in the background. For example, when automatic backup is turned on all your pictures movies contact and many other data is sent to Google servers. And this process takes place in the background. Even though turning off automatic backup could be dangerous for obvious reasons, you could perform manual backups over a wi-fi connection. So it is not using your data plan.
To turn off automatic backup.
Open Settings App – tap on Backup and Restore – tap on Backup My Data and turn off Automatic Backup

Disable Auto Sync of Data.
This one is similar to automatic backup, only it backs up user information: Contacts, Calendar, Email.. etc.
To disable Auto-sync
Open Settings – tap on Accounts – on the top right corner tap on the three lines icon, and tap Auto-Sync data to disable.

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