How to Record Your Desktop With VLC

cone_altglassAfter sticking with recordMyDesktop application for years, I decided to give VLC a go for recording my video tutorials. Given the fact that I’ve heard vlc has lots of uses other than just for media playing or streaming media. So after a bit of research, I found many people that tried it successfully. So I decided to test out and recorded a few of my screencast sessions. And I have to admit I was very impress; however, I found one drawback, unless someone can point out an easier way of doing this, but I found that when recording a specific section of the screen instead of the whole screen, VLC is a bit cumbersome to configure, as you have to be precise when giving the resolution position. I tried to do it both ways, to capture the whole screen is very easy, but when capturing a section of the screen, my understanding is that you have to provide the position, and give VLC the coordinates in resolution. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that VLC is really efficient when recording your desktop. Here, are the steps for recording your desktop sessions. (whole screen)
1 – Launch VLC
2 – Click Media -> Convert/Save
3 – Select “Capture Device”
4 – Set “Capture Mode” to Desktop
5 – Click “Convert/Save” at the bottom
6 – Enter your destination directory and filename for output
7 – Click start

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