How to Perform Manual Sync of Android Data

By default auto-sync or synchronization of data is turn on. This means your user data is constantly synchronized with your google account at the google servers. This can be useful in the case your phone gets lost or damage and you need to replace it. So when you get the new device you only need to add your google user account, and all your data becomes available. However, this can also be an inconvenience. For example, data usage of auto-sync is running in the background. And data is transmitted every time a change is detected. Auto-Sync will backup things like Contacts, Calendar among other things. In this blog post will are going to learn how to turn off Auto-Sync. And perform manual sync to save our data to google servers.


Things Auto-Sync backs up:
1- App Data
2- Chrome
3- Calendar
4- Contacts
5- Drive

To disable Auto-Sync in Android
First- Click on Settings
Second- Click on Account

Third –┬áTap on the right hand top corner and unchecked Auto-Sync

How to perform a manual Sync
First – tap on settings
Second – tap on Account
Third – tap on Google
Fourth – tap on your Google Account (email)
Fifth – tap on the top right hand corner, and select “Sync now”

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