How to Make Gif Out of a Video Clip Online

Gifs images have some advantage over pictures. For example, they are able to convey more meaning, as they are a very short clips. Gifs duration on average are bout 3 sec. They are video clips that loop as long as it is being played. Gifs are supported by most major social media sites. Therefore, they give the user some of the functionality of video clips. In this blog post, I’m going to go over how to create a Gif image out of a picture online.

First – open the browser and go to
Second – Upload your video clip to the site.
Third – Move the slider to a position on the video where you want the Gif image to begin. Then set the Gif duration (default 3 sec). You can see the video in the preview area.
Fourth – Once you are done, click create.
Fifth – You have several options. You can download the Gif image by clicking “Advance” tab, or use one of their links to post directly into Social Media. I chose to download ;0)

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