How to Locate Files From Ubuntu Bash in Windows 10

I was curious about the release of Unix bash to Windows 10. So I install the application. After testing it for a while, I realized that it works pretty well. As a matter of fact, I’ve noticed very few differences. One obstacle that I encounter was when copying a file from within Windows file system to another location. In my particular case, I was trying to use SCP to copy a file from within Windows File system to a remote location on the internet. Therefore, I was having problems locating the file. When you try to access a file from batch in Windows you have to locate first a drive. And all the drives are located under the /mmt directory. There you can find the C drive and any other Drive available in your Window system.
From that point on it’s just a matter of navigating the file system. Instead of using backslash “\” like if you were navigating the file system from within windows, you have to use “/” forward slash following Linux file system of notation. In my particular case, I wanted to copy a file located on my user profile in Windows. So first, I located the C drive under /mnt, from there you need to navigate into the intended directory.
In the previous image, I’m using SCP to copy a file located inside my user’s desktop directory to a location on the internet.

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