How to Install Android SDK Tools in Windows (adb, fastboot)

In this post I’m going to install Android SDK tools in Windows. The Android SDK is a set of development tools that allow developers to develop android applications. It also include sample code as well as tools to manage android devices eg: adb, fastboot. So the first thing we need to do is to download the JDK from Also, we need to verify that we have JDK properly installed in our system. So lets head over the terminal.

1- Invoke the “run dialog” box in windows (Win + R) key. Then type “cmd”
2- at the terminal type: “java -version”
And make sure you’re running latest version 1.8..

Next let’s proceed into downloading the SDK from Google page
1- Download the zip file for windows OS from here. And accept silence agreement.

2- Uncompress and download tools
3- cd into the extracted directory

cd C:\sdk-tools\tools\bin

4- Execute in order to download adb, fastboot, and android-25 “platforms,android-25

5- Accept the license agreement and be patient ;0). After a while if you cd into the “C:\sdk-tools\platform-tools” you should see adb and fastboot already there.

Adding adb, fastboot to “variable path” in windows.
Next we are going to add the sdk-tools\platform-tools to the “variable path” so we can execute adb, fastboot from anywhere in the directory tree. So lets copy the path to the “platform-tools” in my case is: “C:\sdk-tools\platform-tools”
1- Next Open the “System Windows” by pressing (Win + Fun + Right Shift)
2- Click on “Advance System Settings”
3- Click on “Environment Variable”
4- On “system variable” click on “Path” and click “edit” there paste the path you selected from above (your sdk-tools path)

5- click ok and close all windows. Go back into the terminal and type adb to make sure it works.

Finally, make sure it works by executing adb from anywhere in the tree directory using the terminal

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