How to Increase the size of a Virtual Disk in VMware Wrokstation 7.

If you find that you’re running out of space in one of your vm’s, and you need to increase the size of your virtual disk; well, it is actually pretty easy. In this tutorial, I’m covering how to increase the size of your vm disk in VMware Wrokstation 7. First, turn off your virtual machine. Second, you will have to remove every snapshot you took since you did a clean install of the vm. Ok, now that we’ve cover the bases, just follow the step by step instructions.

1- Go to the vm you want to increase, and click vm->settings

2- Select your hard disk and under “utilities” select “expand.”

3- Increase to desire size

4- Now you will need to boot up of a live cd iso image in order to adjust the partition to match the size of the disk (remember all you did was to increase the size of the disk, but the partition is still the size of the previous disk). I’m using “systemrescue-cd” but you can use any live iso that has a partition editor like gparted. So head over to vm->settings->CD/DVD and select your iso image under “Use iso image,” and make sure that “connect at power on” is selected.

5- Power on the vm, and boot up iso image

6- Once boot up completed, launch gparted, or your preferred partition utility (I’m using gparted). Right click on old partition and select resize/move.

7- Drag the arrow so the partition fills up the size of the disk, click resize

8- Finally, click “Apply” so the changes take effect. If all went well, reboot, and you’re done!

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