How to Draw a Circle in a Picture in Gimp

gimp-logoI’ve been using gimp to add some circles and arrows to pictures that I’ve taken in order to emphasize specific objects in the picture. Well the pictures are from my neighborhood, but that’s really beyond the scope of this tutorial. Anyway, This is another very useful how-to for Gimp users. Here I will go over how to add a circle to a picture in Gimp.
1- Open your desired picture in Gimp
2- Select the “Ellipse” tool
3- Drag the mouse around the desired object in your picture
4- next, go click on Select->Border. This will create an inner circle with the desire border size in pixels. By now you should have two circles
5- click the color you want for your circle, and make sure that color is set as foreground.
6- click Edit->Fill with FG color
and there you go, that’s a circle in gimp in easy steps.

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