How to Disable Developer Mode on Android

Ok you decided you don’t want Developer Mode enabled on your android device. So how do you turn it off. Well here we will go over the process of disabling Developer Mode, and preventing the option “Developer Mode” from showing on Settings after we’ve disabled it.

Disable “Developer Mode”
1- Click on “Settings”
2- Scroll down to “Developer Mode”
3- Tap on it, and Turn it Off.

Disable “Developer Mode” from Settings Menu
if you open Settings, you’ll see “Developer Mode” option still there. However, the phone is no longer in Developer Mode. So how can we delete the option from displaying?
1- Open Settings
2- Scroll to Apps and tap on it.
3- Scroll to “Settings” App and open it.
4- Tap on “Storage” and tap “Clear Data”

From this point forward, Developer Mode should not show in Settings anymore.

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