How to Capture a Still Image from a Recorded Video in Android

How many times you’ve recorded a video with your phone and later, you realize, you forgot to take a picture of that moment. Well, there’s a simple way to get that picture form your recorded video. And that is to get a still image of a specific frame in your video. So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to capture a still image from a video in Android.

1- Open the video in android Video Player.
2- play the video and pause it at the frame you want to get a picture of.

3- Now take a “screenshot” of your android screen. But before you do that, you need to hide the Video Player control eg: play button, etc. Otherwise they will come up in the picture. So touch on the screen and you’ll see the Play, forward and backward buttons go away.
4- Finally, press the Volume down, and Power button at the same time to get a screenshot of the screen, and that’s it.

Note: you can find the screenshot in the /Pictures/screenshot directory of your internal storage. That is if you haven’t changed the defaults.

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