How to Add a Program to Docky in Linux

dockyTwo of the most used icon tool bars or docks in Linux are Cairo and Docky. In my opinion Cairo is a lot fancier, and better looking, which lots more of options for look and feel; however, Docky doesn’t look to bad either, plus it uses very low resources, and gets the job done. So when I started looking for a dock application for my Linux distro I went for Docky since it is simpler. After I installed the Docky, I wanted to add programs to my toolbar, so I went straight for the Docky Settings, but no it can’t be done there. The way you can add programs to your Dock bar is by…. well I’ll start the tutorial
1 – Open the desired program
2 – Once the program is opened an icon is displayed in Docky; however, this icon is just temporary and will disappear as soon as you close the program. So you need to pin the program while is open to the Docky bar.
3 – While the program is opened right click on its icon in Dock bar and click “Pin to Dock” and you’re done

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