Fixing Geany Execute Command For Python Programming

geany-logoThis post is about how to fix the Execute command in geany which executes the program when you press F5. So I started doing my python programming in geany, since it seems like a simple IDE, which doesn’t require a lot of resources to run. But when I decided to run my code, I pressed the F5 key, which is equibalent to Execute command, and nothing happened. Everytime I wanted to execute my code I had to click on Build->Execute. And that beats the purpose of having a shortcut key, so you don’t have to go back to your mouse, and start clicking away in order to execute the code. So here is how I fix the Execute == F5 problem.

1- Click on Edit-> Preferences
2- Click on Keybindings on the left side pane
3- Scroll down to the “Build” section
4- Clcik on “Run” and click on Change at the bottom
5- Once the box comes on asking to press the keys you want for executing, do just that (press the key, keys)
And that’s it!

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