Concern Rises Over Google New “Privacy Policy.”

If you use Google search engine, you might have seen the new Google “privacy policy,” which will take effect in March 1st. This privacy policy has generated plenty of controversy, and it has many people worried because of the power it gives Google with information gathering through users searches, android smartphone users, etc. In a nutshell, the new policy will combine user data from services like YouTube, Gmail and Google search and create a single merged profile for each user of its services. As a result, 36 states General Attorneys send a letter to google explaining their concern.

“In the letter, the attorneys general said, “Google’s new privacy policy goes against a respect for privacy that Google has carefully cultivated as a way to attract consumers. It rings hollow to call [the ability of users] to exit the Google products ecosystem a ‘choice’ in an Internet economy where the clear majority of all Internet users use – and frequently rely on – at least one Google product on a regular basis.” The letter makes special mention of the potential problems the new privacy policy will have on Android-powered smartphone users, many of whom will find it “virtually impossible” to escape the policy without ditching their phones.”

Quoted from full article (36 State AG Blast Google Privacy Policy Change)

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