Calculating Network Segments With IPcalc.

Understanding subnetwork mask can be confusing if you’re not used to them. You may find “ipcalc” (from ipcalc package) useful to calculate a computer network’s mask.

First start by installing “ipcalc” from the repositories, depending on your distro:

sudo apt-get install ipcalc #for debian distros like ubuntu
yum install ipcalc #for fedora

then find the ip address for which you want to calculate the network for, and enter it along with “ipcalc” command

[root@Fedora11-vbox ~]# ipcalc -bmn

So in this scenario, the subnetmask is (, the broadcast address (, which means that the last usable ip address for that network is (, and last the network address (; therefore, the first ip address for that range will be (

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