Building a Wireless Bridge with DD-WRT

In this article I will go over the steps for building a wireless bridge with two Linksys (WRT54GL) wireless router, for this I assume that dd-wrt has been installed onto the router. Knowledge of ip address configuration is essential, as well as general networking understanding. In Client Bridge mode the two wireless router are part of the same subnet, this configuration is useful if you have a computer or laptop without wireless adapter in a room by itself, connecting it to a second wireless router and configuring this router as a client bridge will solve this problem.

Note: For this article I assume that the Server Router has already been configured, when in client bridge configuration the server router has to be in Access Point mode, and your network address is


Configuring the Client Router:

1- Reset the server router to factory default by holding the reset button on the back for 30 sec.

2- Set your computer ip address to static. ip:, netmask:, gateway:, DNS:

3- Start your browser and login to the client router by typing:

4- Go to the setup tab, and set connection type: disable, STP: disable

5- Change the ip:, netmask:, set your gateway to the ip of the Server Router:, DNS:, and check the Assign WAN Port to Switch on, and click save.

6- Go to Security → Firewall and disable SPI Firewall

7- Next go to Wireless → Basic Settings, and set the following settings
Wireless mode: Client bridge
Wireless Network mode Same as server router
SSID Same as server router
Network configuration Bridged
Click on Save

8- Next go to Wireless → Wireless Security and set the following settings.

Security mode WPA personal [put same as server router]
WPA algorithm TKIP [put same as server router]
WPA key [put same as server router]
Click Save

9- Connecting to wireless network: go to Status → Wireless, click on Site Survey, and join your wireless network.

10- Finally click save and apply settings.

Jorge L. Vazquez

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