Adding an Arrow Signal to a Picture in Gimp

left_arrowIn this post I will go over how to add an arrow to an object of interest in a picture in Gimp. Sometimes you need to add a signal to an object in a picture in order to emphasize something. So here’s a quick method you can use to quickly add arrows to your pictures
1 – download the arrow plugin from Gimp registry
2 – copy the link to Gimp’s script directory or save it in .gimp-2.8/scripts directory

 cp /home/$USER/Downloads/arrow.scm /home/$USER/.gimp-2.8/scripts/

3 – Open Gimp, and go to “Tools”, you should have an arrow section at the bottom
4 – Open the picture you want to edit (add the arrow to)
5 – click the “path” tool
6 – and click two points, the first point will be the head of the arrow, so that one needs to be pointing to the object of attention.
7 – next select the desired color
8 – and click on “Tools->Arrow” click ok (defaults should be fine)
and it should look something similar to the picture describing step 5 above

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