Adding an Arrow Signal to a Picture in Gimp (The Easy Way)

gimp-logoI previously made a post about how to add arrows to a picture in gimp, but that way seemed a little bit cumbersome, and complicated. Because it involved installing an addon to gimp. So this way I’m covering here is a lot easier, by far the easiest way
I’ve found so far.

1- open the picture you want to modify in gimp
2- click the “Pencil” tool
3- click the desired color
4- select the appropriate size for your brush
5- click on the picture and hod down the “Shift” key and click again where the head of the arrow will be.
6- use the same procedure to complete the head of the arrow. Pressing “shift” key will allow you to make a straight line.
the previous pictures in this post were made using this method

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